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Swimming Sports Camps in Greece


Thessaloniki is the most important administrative, cultural, and business center in northern Greece, and the second largest city in Greece. Near the Aegean Sea, an hour’s drive from both Mt.Olympus and Halkidiki beautiful beaches, and a short flight from the capitals of several Balkan and Mediterranean countries. Thessaloniki, built on the sea, a modern metropolis, […]

Crete Hotel Lyttos*****

Crete, Greece’s largest island, is known for its varied terrain, which ranges from fine-sand beaches at Elafonisi to the White Mountains. Mt. Ida, the tallest of the range, is home to the Ideon Cave, which was the birthplace of Zeus, according to Greek mythology. The capital, Heraklion, is home to the renowned Heraklion Archaeological Museum, […]


Chios is an island of Aegean Sea and fifth largest in Greece. The main products it exports are the famous Chios mastiha , oil , figs and wine , and has an international reputation for the size and quality of its shipping. The capital of the island, the city of Chios , is also called […]

Athens – Alimos

In previous years, more tourists have discovered the southeast coast of Athens, and many were delighted to find that they could stay right on, or within easy walking distance of the sea and still have access to the Acropolis and the museums and archaeology sites of the city by public transport.   Alimos City Athens […]


Volos, port of departure of Jason for the Argonaut campaign, is a modern city with a youthful pulse that is an ideal destination for any kind of visitor as it uniquely combines the green, mythical Mt Pelion with its lacy shores, excellent sports infrastructure and unique local cuisine! Volos City Volos Swimming Pool Senior National [...]


Syros island, is the cosmopolitan capital of Cyclades complex in the center of Aegean sea, with long tradition in sport events and tournaments in national and international level. Typical cycladic landscapes, unique architecture , islandic flavors and high standart facilities create the proper conditions for unforgetable sports moments! Syros City Syros Swimming Pool National Swimming […]


At the foot of Mount Geraneia, built in the northern part of the Corinthian Gulf’s cove, lies Loutraki; a coastal town which is internationally known for its thermal springs! During the ΄50s, ΄60s and ΄70s it was a very popular vacation resort both for Greek and foreign visitors. The first Casino in Greece was established in 1928 in Loutraki, whilst in 1995 […]


Alexandroupoli, a modern seaside town, with a clearly influenced culture by its location, at the crossroads of Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Balkan Peninsula, but completelly safe with excellent sports facilities, youthful profil and an amazing promenade on the waterfront with taverns, seafood restaurants, bars and hotels. It is an ideal Sports camp destination […]

Sports Camp in Greece Aquatics FAQs

Coaches and Clubs are responsible for the athletes they can handle.

Usually in our offers for Sports camps in Greece, we count 6 swimmers per lane. Off course we cut and fit everything to your needs.

Depending on each country’s policy, our agency can either supply all the necessary documentation or give you the proper directions in order to obtain them yourself.

Hence GreeceontheGo Sports Dpt is managing all the operations we are providing full itineraries to the smallest detail.

If requested a personalized voucher will be given to each participant including full itineraries and contact details.

Since GreeceontheGo Sports Dpt is tailoring each package according to clubs needs any special requests can be included.

Having established collaborations with all sorts of accommodation, from 5 stars hotels to campsites by the sea, GreeceontheGo Sports Dpt can meet the needs of every club depending on the level and budget of their athletes.

GreeceontheGo Sports Dpt primary offers are mainly on Full Board meal basis, although depending on the request our offers can be flexible according to each club’s needs.

All of GreeceontheGo Sports Dpt offers include before each training session one banana or energy bar & a bottle of water per athlete.

Example Monday am/pm etc 10.
Will we have enough recovery time between sessions?
Team’s coach is the one who arranges the full training program.

All of GreeceontheGo Sports Dpt offers include one basic sightseeing tour to get acquainted with the area and plenty of options on request for the days off.

A Schengen Visa is required to enter Greece. There is currently no Ban on entering the country of any Nationality. For more information, check the link bellow:

GreeceontheGo Sports camps in Greece are located either in cities or into nature, in any case in Greece distances are very short and for thus access to nature is very easy wherever you may stay. According to your request, preferences and budget we will give you the best proposals for your club.

The highly experienced and trained personnel of GreeceontheGo Sports Dpt, are capable to organize a friendly day competition to a full multiday Tournament.

We can either make all the arrangements for your club to participate in an existing competition during your sports camp in Greece or make all the arrangements for your sports camp during or near the time of an preexisting competition.

According to your budget and your preference of sports camp in Greece, the swimming pool can be either be in the hotel or at a close range (maximum 10 minutes distance by bus).

All of our collaborators of our sports camps in Greece are flexible to adapt the meals menu if there is any special request.

The location of our sports camps in Greece are directly connected to the world’s largest cities. At the same time, Greece has the privilege of connecting each destination via Athens or Thessaloniki with a wide variety of means of transport over a very short distance.

Except age limitation, there are no other restrictions regarding the competitions.
You can participate even in Greek National Championship (out of competition).

Standard Payment policies:

  • 20% Deposit upon confirmation
  • 60% Second 15 days before arrival
  • 20% Down payment upon in cash basis

Standard Cancelation Policies:

  • For cancelations up to 15 days before arrival there is an 20% cancelation fees
  • For cancelations from 15 days up to the arrival day no prepayment will be refunded.
  • Possible Bank commissions are paid extra by the client
  • Cancelation policies may differ depending on the group

All of our groups are coved by law with travel liability insurance and we can provide the choice of personal travel insurance.

Almost every swimming pool in Greece is equipped with Backstroke Flags, Racing Lane Lines, Starting Blocks, Timing Equipment and some destinations have Backstroke Start Devices as well.

All our offers include a couple of hours in gym per day in every Sports camp Destination in Greece. Whether the gym is at the pool complex or at a different facility.

Depending on the destination you choose for your Sports camp in Greece, for those that are in cities shops and local amenities are close, on the other hand, those that are into the countryside have easy access with a distance not more than 10 – 15 minutes by bus.

We offer sightseeing tours in every Sports camp Destination in Greece.
One of our destinations includes a water park inside its facilities, otherwise depending on the destination you choose we can organize water park visits as you wish.

Most of hotels in our Sports camps Destinations in Greece are close by to bus stops otherwise private transfers can always be arranged.

Yes, private transportations from and to the airport are included in every package at every destination.

Depending on the destination you choose for your Sports camp in Greece, for those that are in cities hospitals and pharmacies are close, on the other hand, those that are into the countryside have easy access with a distance not more than 10 – 15 minutes by bus.

All GreeceontheGo Sports dpt offers are on full board basis except of one hotel which is on all inclusive basis, furthermore full access to all hotel facilities is provided (except spa therapies etc ).

So the choice is yours!